State-of-the-art labs

Designed to do a whole lot more with less

Conventional labs are designed for old methods

Babson Diagnostics™ has designed a lab for today.

Conventional diagnostics companies have something in common with Babson Diagnostics: both use CLIA-certified clinical laboratories operated by credentialed clinical laboratory professionals.

The difference is in what Babson Diagnostics’ laboratory is designed to accomplish.

Conventional laboratories are built to process large blood tubes collected using venipuncture. While some are capable of running small samples, such as for pediatric patients, these samples are typically processed separately using manual procedures.

Babson Diagnostics’ laboratory is designed for the specific purpose of automated microsample processing, with:

  • State-of-the-art commercial analyzers intended for small samples.
  • High-throughput processing to keep prices low.

Our purpose-built microsample lab

Samples are collected and processed at convenient retail pharmacies, and then transported to our CLIA-certified clinical microsample laboratory for same-day or next-day analysis.

Babson Diagnostics opened its first CLIA-certified CAP accredited clinical laboratory in Austin, TX in 2019. Operated by our team of credentialed clinical laboratory professionals, this purpose-built microsample laboratory enables our proprietary analytical processes on state-of-the-art commercial analyzers intended for small samples.

Today, our high-throughput lab is designed to process 70 million samples a year.