How we work

Our values support and advance our mission

Our values

Leading through science, integrity, kindness, and humility



We hold ourselves to the highest standard of scientific rigor. Science can never be compromised.



We do what is right, in the right way. We protect customer privacy and put people above profit.



The purpose of innovation is to improve human lives. We exist to serve the needs of the customer.



This mission requires diligence and precludes complacency. Our work is never finished; we can always improve.

Our culture

Working at Babson Diagnostics™


Our team is making big waves in the diagnostics industry; our culture is by nature a habitat for wave-makers. In our fast-paced, dynamic environment, each person’s contribution each day directly impacts our overall success.

We acknowledge that our mission is not easy. We take care to uplift each other’s spirits, and in the face of adversity, we work as a team to generate solutions. We fuel our journey with joy and haven’t let a single day pass by without laughter.

As we progress, we will continue to expand. New opportunities and challenges are on the horizon, and we’ll need new perspectives to help shape our path.