Blood testing is essential

Let's make it easy

Vasovagal syncope, difficult veins, and inconvenient hours and locations can make blood testing stressful. That’s why we are reimagining the entire blood testing process to meet the needs of patients and clinicians.

One in three insured patients don't get their annual blood work done*

BetterWay is a great option for those patients who have a hard time getting blood draws or simply avoid getting their blood work done altogether. With only a small amount of blood from a finger, BetterWay blood testing will deliver results equivalent to traditional methods.

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More than half of clinicians surveyed believe BetterWay would enhance their current diagnostic process*

Clinicians today have to play an oversized role in not only maintaining the health of patients, but also their practice. You want to invest in new services that not only get results and give patients a better experience, but also drive meaningful practice metrics. You don't have time to waste on anything else.

How BetterWay works

Reimagined blood testing for the modern customer

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    Pharmacy Visit

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  1. pharmacy

    Retail & digital ease

    Customers and clinicians can order securely online. With a visit code delivered to the mobile phone, the customer heads off to their preferred local pharmacy.

  2. microsampling blood

    10x less than venipuncture

    Our innovative finger device is designed to enable the pharmacy team to reliably collect a high quality, pea-sized microsample of blood.

  3. blood sample handling

    Reduces sample waste by 93%

    Our device automates sample preparation and maintains optimal conditions. It is designed to reduce human interaction and error, while maximizing sample quality.

  4. diagnostic test microscope

    Consumes 55% less sample

    We transport samples to our CLIA-certified lab. Proprietary miniaturized assays are designed to run more tests with less sample.

  5. diagnostic test results

    Enabling informed decisions

    We make sure you and your clinician get medically-accurate information that is easy to understand and act on. Results are available usually in a day or two.

The science behind BetterWay*

Innovating with integrity means we go above and beyond to ensure we are validating our technology. Leading through science, we intend to set a new standard in the diagnostics industry.


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BetterWay is so easy for your patients. They can get testing at a convenient retail pharmacy location of their choosing. One they visit regularly that’s open evenings and weekends.

My daughter is very needle-phobic. The thought that it would 
not have to go into the vein would be life changing. 
There are a lot of people like this. I found it painless and fast.

55+ Female Clinical Study Participant*

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(*) Optum claims data analysis, 2022, (*) Babson HCP survey, 2022, (*) Babson Diagnostics Preference Study, N=107, 2022 and 2023, (*) Data on file from Dandelion Beta Study, 2021