A BetterWay to get blood testing

Convenient, medically accurate blood testing ordered by your clinician or on your own

One in three adults don’t 
get routine bloodwork done*

We believe that an easier blood testing service will inspire people to get the insights they need to power their healthcare journey. That’s why we have reimagined the BetterWay® blood testing process from beginning to end with the customer in mind.

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of clinical decisions are driven by diagnostic testing.


of patients fail to get ordered medical tests.

BetterWay launch menu

How BetterWay works

Reimagined blood testing for the modern customer

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    Pharmacy Visit

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  1. pharmacy

    Retail & digital ease

    Customers and clinicians can order securely online. With a visit code delivered to the mobile phone, the customer heads off to their preferred local pharmacy.

  2. microsampling blood

    10x less than venipuncture

    Our innovative finger device is designed to enable the pharmacy team to reliably collect a high quality, pea-sized microsample of blood.

  3. blood sample handling

    Reduces sample waste by 93%

    Our device automates sample preparation and maintains optimal conditions. It is designed to reduce human interaction and error, while maximizing sample quality.

  4. diagnostic test microscope

    Consumes 55% less sample

    We transport samples to our CLIA-certified lab. Proprietary miniaturized assays are designed to run more tests with less sample.

  5. diagnostic test results

    Enabling informed decisions

    We make sure you and your clinician get medically-accurate information that is easy to understand and act on. Results are available usually in a day or two.

The benefits of BetterWay

Hand icon

A better collection experience

A pea-sized amount of blood collected from a finger - 1/10 the sample volume of conventional venipuncture.

Pharmacy icon

Expanded access

Collection in a convenient location your patients already visit – their local retail pharmacy - with evening and weekend hours.

Microscope icon

Designed for care

Our launch menu covers the most commonly ordered blood tests, supporting annual exams, chronic condition management, and screenings.

Chart icon

Medically accurate results

Our CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited lab uses market-leading analyzers, adapted to produce high-quality results from microsamples.

Learn more about the innovations that power BetterWay blood testing


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