Introducing BD MiniDraw™ Capillary Blood Collection System

We believe a better collection experience will motivate people to get important testing.

BD MiniDraw™ is a key component of BetterWay™ —a first-of-its-kind blood testing service. The BetterWay service will enable blood testing by non-phlebotomists in convenient locations such as retail pharmacies, without sacrificing quality, accuracy, or the types of tests that are possible. BetterWay is a preferred experience1, designed to need one-tenth the volume of blood2 when compared to traditional methods. Our service addresses the typical pitfalls of capillary collection, producing high-quality samples with medically equivalent results3 you and your clinician can trust.

Bringing blood testing to more locations requires expanding the pool of professionals who can collect blood. The BetterWay blood testing service is designed for health care settings without a trained phlebotomist4. A health care worker can be trained to perform the BetterWay service and to collect a high-quality, small volume amount of blood from a finger using BD MiniDraw™.

We work with the world's leading medical technology companies to advance blood testing diagnostics. Our long-term strategic partnership with Becton Dickinson and Company (BD) is central to achieving our mission of reimagining blood testing to be more convenient, accessible, less invasive and affordable.

A new chapter for blood collection technology

The status quo is a tradeoff between quality and convenience.

Venipuncture—drawing blood from a vein in the arm—reliably produces samples of high enough quality to produce diagnostic results, and that is why it has remained the standard method for over 70 years, despite drawbacks including:

  • Physical and psychological discomfort, especially for those with difficult veins, vasovagal syndrome and fear of needles
  • Inconvenient locations and hours that don’t fit into busy schedules
  • The large amount of blood drawn, typically 4-10mL.
  • Requiring a specially-trained phlebotomist, leading to the need for centralized collection sites with large waiting rooms.

We believe the future of blood testing is quality and convenience combined.

Our novel collection technology aims to mitigate limitations of previous systems through a proprietary design. Our ongoing studies seek to verify and validate these improvements.

Clinical studies are ongoing to validate this technology in retail environments.


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