Babson Diagnostics Unveils Brand Identity for Next-Generation Blood Testing

February 2, 2023

Austin, Texas — Babson Diagnostics, a science-first, health care technology company, today announced BetterWay™ Blood Testing, the name of its new diagnostic blood testing service that is designed around the most important element of testing – the customer.

After careful consideration and research, Babson chose a name and logo that convey a new vision for blood testing, one that makes the process accessible, convenient, and less invasive. It integrates end-to-end innovations to reimagine the experience for customers and their care providers.

“The new brand amplifies our mission of making health easier for all,” said David Stein, chief executive officer of Babson Diagnostics. “We are truly developing a ‘better way’ for blood testing that reimagines every step in the process, from collection to sample handling to analysis – and brings laboratory-quality testing to convenient and accessible locations such as retail pharmacies.”  

The Babson ecosystem represents a true alternative to traditional venipuncture, the collection of large tubes of blood for analysis, and patient service centers.

  • Innovation begins with a proprietary fingertip capillary blood collection methodology that doesn’t require a phlebotomist and is simpler, easier and potentially less stressful than traditional venipuncture.
  • A sample preparation device placed at the pharmacy guides the technician and is designed to reduce diagnostic errors by automating preanalytical tasks such as labeling, mixing and centrifugation.
  • Babson couriers transport samples to its high-efficiency, CLIA-certified lab that uses best-in-class analyzers and proprietary miniaturized assays to enable medically accurate and easy-to-understand results delivered to patients and clinicians.

BetterWay Blood Testing brings these innovations together to enable blood testing that requires only one-tenth the sample volume of venipuncture methods without sacrificing quality, accuracy, or the number of tests that are possible.

“We selected the name because consumers involved in our extensive clinical studies have overwhelmingly told us they prefer Babson’s blood testing over traditional methods, and nearly nine out of ten would recommend it to others,” said Kristie Stanton, vice president of marketing. “The voice of our customer is incredibly important to us.”

About Babson Diagnostics™

Babson Diagnostics is a healthcare technology company rooted in science reimagining the entire diagnostic blood testing experience. Babson’s mission is to make routine blood testing less invasive, more convenient, and affordable, empowering people to take charge of their health.

Babson will bring medically accurate blood testing to the retail pharmacy by using patented technologies and a first-of-its-kind ecosystem that requires only one-tenth the sample volume of traditional venipuncture methods without sacrificing quality, accuracy, or menu breadth.

The company has received key patents in the United States, European Union, and China related to its unique end-to-end technological ecosystem and the ability to maximize the clinical utility of microsamples of blood collected from a fingertip. In addition, Babson has fully validated a broad set of miniaturized assays that are ready for commercial use in its CLIA-certified laboratory.

Babson, based in Austin, Texas, was founded by individuals with deep experience in healthcare, diagnostics, engineering, and laboratory technologies. It is named in honor of Art Babson, whose legacy of scientific innovation and excellence is the foundation on which the company is built.

*Babson Diagnostics’ technology is under development and is not currently available for sale.